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Dedicated Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are a marketing tool that strengthens the relationship between small businesses and their best customers, increasing revenue from repeat business. Point blank, this is the primary reason that a small business should consider a mobile app. This is very different than the value a website provides to a small business and is very different from any of the other marketing tactics a small business might look to employ.

A mobile app provides a direct communication channel between a business and its customers. As a business owner, you can use features, like push notifications, to directly and effectively communicate with your customers, informing them of specials, promotions, and other events relevant to your business. You can also leverage loyalty programs to keep customers coming back to your business. When your customers are in the know, incented to do business with you, and your business is literally in their pocket, then your business truly has the opportunity to build stronger relationships with your best customers and increase revenue from repeat business.

It is very important to note that mobile apps are a marketing tool. Simply, having an app is not going to do anything for your business. You must be dedicated to using the mobile app as a marketing tool if you wish to be successful.

Mobile Web Apps

Using our simple drag-and-drop campaign designer, anyone can design and update their mobile-website campaign in minutes. NO more web design fees, wait-times or hassle, now you can build your own mobile-website campaigns and drive more sales, leads and customers through your front door.

Tracking and Statistics

Gain a better understanding of what offers are driving revenue by using our proprietary campaign tracking system that allows you to see geographically where customers are scanning your QR codes and what offers/promotions they are taking advantage of.

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Make it Social

The social web is fragmented and difficult to manage our mobile platform will integrate your businesses social media presence, like Facebook and Twitter, into a single point of contact so your customers can easily connect and interact with you and your business across your social networks

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